KoolKrew Digital Lost & Found is a unique ID system that helps provides a safety net for your lost property. A Smart Tag is the tag or label within which the digital facilitation for the Lost & Found connection is placed.

REGISTER: Register your smart tag through our App and include an optional message for the potential finder such as “reward offered to the finder of my bag”
FIND: The finder scans or taps your tag with their smart phone and reports it “FOUND” via our App.
CONTACT: KoolKrew Digital will send you messages via SMS and email and provide the platform for you to arrange to be re­united with your lost items.


Unfortunately due to App Store/Google Play charging high fees to have our app in their respective stores we can no longer offer free membership as before.
There are different membership packages available to purchase through the app depending on the product that you want to register on the app.
However we will be adding new features in the coming months to make the app more interactive. We have just added our real time luggage tracker which is a big hit with our frequent travellers and long haul crew.
Watch this space for more add ons.
Unlimited use of our Lost & Found platform.
Your travel tags and security labels will be logged with the SITA World Tracer System. More than 90% of airports and airlines are members of SITA and because you will also become a member, this greatly enhances the airports and airlines ability to identify your lost items. Upon the identification of your items, the airport or  airline will contact you via our app to notify you of the whereabouts of those items.
Unlimited amount of email and SMS text message alerts regarding the status of your lost items.
The option to enter your passport expiry date in our app so that you can receive SMS text messages and emails 6 months, 3 months and 1 month prior to expiry of your passport. This is a very useful feature serving to remind you to renew your passport.
You can also be able to share your journeys on social media.
No....all they will need to do is scan the QR or NFC code on your lost item and they will be presented with a contact page to enter their details and a short 'found' message to be sent to you.
Your item will also have a World Tracer number which is connected to the baggage retrieval systems used by airports and airlines.
After the finder has been directed to your online contact form they will see your personal message about your lost item. Here, the finder will have the opportunity to report your item found and include their details. You will be immediately notified via SMS text message and email that your item has been found and at what location. By clicking on the link contained in you alert, you can contact the finder to arrange a way to retrieve your lost item.
Yes! Your personal information registered on the App is secure. That information will not be seen on your smart tag or shared with anyone. Our platform allows you to be contacted by the finder via our App and then its up to you how much information you want to share with the finder to retrieve your lost item.
The disadvantage with the current system is that in order to identify ourselves to the finder, we have to disclose contact information about ourselves that we may not be comfortable with, such as telephone number or email address etc.
However, nowadays we live our lives through our smartphones and we at KoolKrew Digital have recognised this. We have seen a way that you can be contacted whilst maintaining your privacy. What you reveal is up to you without compromising your contact­ability.
You can leave a message to the finder, for example that you will offer a reward etc.and as long as you have a signal, you can change that message in real time as many times as you want.
As KoolKrew Digital have teamed up with the SITA World Tracer System, there is
added peace of mind to know that more than 90% of airports and airlines will be able to efficiently report on the finding of your items. This is especially helpful for frequent flyers and crew due to their frequency of travelling through airports.
Our App can be downloaded on all Android and IOS devices. We do not support  windows and blackberry.

No, this is not a track­able device.

However you can now buy our real time luggage tracker which is now available on our website.

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a short­range wireless connectivity technology that uses magnetic field induction to enable communication between devices when they're touched together, or brought within a few centimeters of each other. The technology allows a way for the devices to establish a peer to peer network to exchange data. At present Apple products do not support NFC technology but all Android devices are NFC enabled.
We embed an NFC chip into each of our tags and labels.
No worries! We have a QR reader built into our mobile application so anyone with a smartphone can use it. This is why we have an iPhone app as well.
World Tracer is a baggage tracing system operated by SITA and used by more than 90% of the worlds airlines and airports. It enables airlines and airports around the world to promptly identify lost, misplaced or delayed baggage.
As we are a member of World Tracer, upon the identification of your items, the system will contact you via our app to notify you of their whereabouts.

This has now been discontinued